Comfort from Science

As a top priority of ours, we would like to give the best comfort to the customers with high
quality products manufactured by excellent technology through our scientific approach.

- Designated high-technology company
- Patent of Color Lock System

- China CFDA approval

- US FDA approval
- 2nd factory establishment in Daegu high-tech medical complex
- Government Award of US$10 million export

- Development for Bio-friendly soft contact Sugar lens with a high-water content and high-oxygen permeability.

- Patent of PVA contact lens manufacture”
- Government Award of US$5 million export

- Taiwan FDA approval

- China SFDA License
- Government Certificate for promising export company
- Government Award of US$ 3 million export
- Participated in Seoul International l Optical Exhibition 2009
- Participated in Shanghai International Optical Exhibition 2009
- Participated in Italy, Mido Exhibition 2009
- Participated in Moscow Exhibition 2009
- Government Award of US$ 1 million export
- Participated in Beijing International Optical Exhibition 2008
- Participated in Hong Kong Optical Exhibition 2008

- Company name changed as VISION SCIENCE CO., LTD.
- Head Office & Factory address changed and moved in.
- Certification for KFDA manufacture permission
- Certification for Europe CE & ISO13485
- Certification for Venture Enterprise
- Certification for INOBIZ
- Establishment of “Vision and Partner” Company